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ACADEMICS / Upper Elementary






The focus in these grades is to strengthen and build foundational skills. There is a strong emphasis on reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and math.


Each quarter has a specific theme that guides learning. Thematic units are beneficial because they allow students to explore a theme across a variety of subjects. For instance, in the China Unit, students might learn about the history of China (Social Studies); They might explore Chinese folk tales and compare them to American folk tales (Language Arts); Students could also learn about traditional Chinese art forms (Art) and music (Music); Another area of study could be Chinese inventions (Science). By centering learning around a theme, students discover all learning is related. Another benefit to thematic units is that they facilitate language acquisition.

The Explorers and Adventurers are led by Mrs. Che and Ms. Hazel. Why not join them on their next adventure?

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