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ACADEMICS / High School


Mabel Paredes


native Spanish speaker
6 years experience


Jhoanna Cassiday

Math, Science

BA Chemistry

Veteran Teacher


Karen Dizon

Deputy Director / 
Secondary Math & Science, 

BS Math & Science Education, 
Veteran Educator


Doug Berquist

Social Studies

BA History
Licensed, Veteran Educator


Matthew Caretti


MA English, BA Marketing
 Veteran Teacher


Michael Bangloy

Math & Science

BA Computer Science
3 years experience

2018-10-26 13.56.33_edited.jpg

Michael Homsany


BA Economics

20+ years experience in IT


Jenward Montalbo

Computer Programming

BS Computer Programming

Veteran Teacher


Kendra Pinsker

Environmental Science, Drama
BS Elementary Educaton,

Licensed, Veteran Teacher

(School Counselor) Veronica Soto_edited.jpg

Veronica Soto

High School Counselor
MA Int. Education Mgmt., BA Int. Relations & Spanish
10 years experience


High School Mission

Our mission is to equip students to achieve personal, education, and professional goals.

Accomplishing the Mission

In order to accomplish our mission we have created a unique program, different from other high schools in American Samoa. What makes our program different is our approach to education. Recognizing that our biggest challenge - our small school size - can also be our greatest strength, we have designed a program that takes advantage of our small size. We are able to include elements in our program that can be more difficult to include in a larger school setting:

  • Full integration of technology into the curriculum

  • Rigorous courses with high standards

  • Independent student opportunities, including online courses

  • Potential for earning high school credit through extra-curricular activities

  • Longer class periods to maximize instructional time

  • Close working relationships between students and teachers

  • Student assessment based on both traditional and performance standards


Diploma Requirements

The Pacific Horizons High School curriculum is based on a traditional liberal arts program. Students are exposed to a variety of disciplines to ensure that their education is well-rounded. Our focus is on developing the abilities to think critically and communicate ideas proficiently by building a deep and wide knowledge base that students can use to formulate their opinions.

Below are the minimum requirements for graduation from Pacific Horizons School:

  • English/Language Arts - 4 credits

  • Math - 3 credits, Algebra 1 and higher (must take math every year while at PHS)

  • Science - 3 credits (must take a science every year while at PHS)

  • Social Science - 3 credits (must take a social science every year while at PHS)

  • Physical Education/Health - 2 credits total, at least 0.5 credit in health

  • Electives - 5 credits

    • Specific Core Electives​

      • 2 credits in English, Math, Social Science, Science beyond the required credits, or a Foreign Language​ or STEM


1 credit = One Full Year (two semesters)       0.5 credit = One Semester

Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) for each student is determined by averaging the student's grades based on a 4-point system. Students maintaining a 3.5 or higher are considered to be Honor Graduates.

A = 4.0     A- = 3.7     B+ = 3.3     B = 3.0     B- = 2.7     C+ = 2.3

C = 2.0     C- = 1.7     D+ = 1.3     D = 1.0     F = 0.0

Independent Study Courses

Since Pacific Horizons High School is a small school, we are limited in our course offerings. Students wanting or needing to take courses not offered by the school during a current school year may take advantage of an independent study course, typically online. School approval is required before doing this. Students doing independent studies will be assigned a teacher to supervise them and help them through their independent course.

Pacific Horizons High School will provide a basic core curriculum of six subjects each term. If a student needs a course that is not being offered in the current year, then the school will provide the student with an independent study course at no additional charge. However, if students choose to take additional courses or different courses than the ones offered by the school, they will be required to pay for these extra courses.

Credit for Extracurricular Activities

The school can award credit for extracurricular activities in which students are involved. These activities may include dance classes, music lessons, or even some sports. In order to receive credit for an extracurricular activity, the activity must meet certain criteria. A student seeking credit for an extracurricular activity will need to discuss the situation with his or her advisor. Final approval for receiving credit must be granted by the school director.

Dual Enrollment

PHS Juniors and Seniors may take classes at American Samoa Community College (ASCC) that will count towards the PHS High School diploma and earn students college credits. Students interested in dual enrollment should meet with the Director to ensure that the ASCC course(s) they choose will satisfy PHS High School requirements. In order to use ASCC credits towards PHS graduation, students must pass the class with a C or better.

Standardized Testing

Standardized tests are administered for Freshman and Sophomore students in April to indicate progress through the year. The PSAT is administered in October each year for eleventh grade students. Sophomore and Freshman students are also encouraged to take the PSAT in October. These tests provide students with valuable practice in taking standardized tests.






Diploma Requirements
Other ways to earn credits
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