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John Scanlan​

English & Electives

 BA Creative Writing


Jenward Montalbo

Computer Science
BS Computer Science
Veteran Teacher


Jhoanna Cassiday

Science & Electives

Math & Science

BA Chemistry

Veteran Teacher


Fynn Peck

Social Science & Electives

3 years teaching experience


Kendra Pinsker

Math, Science & Electives

BS Elementary Education,
 Veteran Teacher


Matthew Caretti

English & Electives

MA English, BA Marketing
Veteran Teacher

(School Counselor) Veronica Soto_edited.jpg

Veronica Soto


MA Int. Education Mgmt.,

BA Int. Relations & Spanish

10 years related experience

A Time of Transition

At PHS, 6th through 8th grade students enjoy the benefits of a middle school curriculum that builds on their elementary education and prepares them for the rigors of high school.


Our Middle School educators recognize that middle schoolers have unique needs as they undergo rapid physical, emotional, mental, and social change. Teachers are prepared to support students as they transition from childhood to adolescence, from elementary school to high school.


The Middle School curriculum is designed to prepare students for a traditional liberal arts high school program. Students are required to take the following core subjects every year:

MATH Math instruction prepares students for higher-level maths. Math instruction is differentiated according to skill-level, and in 8th grade students are either placed in Pre-Algebra or Algebra.

SCIENCE The goal in middle school is to build a strong and broad foundation in the sciences that will allow for more in-depth studies at the high school level. Select classes participate in the annual Science Fair competition.

SOCIAL STUDIES 6th and 7th graders learn about the regions of the world by exploring their economic systems, governments, cultures, etc. In 8th grade, middle schoolers spend a semester on American Samoa History and another on US Government/Civics.

ENGLISH Middle School students are given a broad overview of literary elements, genres, and periods to prepare them for more intense literary studies in high school. Writing instruction supports the production of both creative and expository works.

In addition to these core classes, 6th - 8th graders at Pacific Horizons school enjoy a variety of elective courses ranging from Art to Writing Workshop. These electives serve to broaden our students' knowledge-base, an important factor in continued educational success.




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