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The Guppies, our K3/K4 class, learn good citizenship as they adjust to being in school for a full day.

The Starfish class, K5/1st, learns to love learning as they continue to build on what they learned as Guppies.

Middle School_1.jpeg

Middle School is a time of transition as students become more independent in their learning. At PHS, Voyagers (6th-8th) prepare for high school by joining the single-subject rotation. In addition to core classes like English and Math, Voyagers also enjoy a variety of enriching electives.

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The 9th-12th class is named for the school mascot, the Navigators, for good reason: PHS high school graduates are prepared to chart and navigate a course that will lead them to a successful, productive future. For most, the first leg of the journey takes place at a university of their choice. Our faculty prepares students by challenging them academically, holding their behavior to a high standard, and offering career and college preparatory classes. We also work with our Juniors and Seniors in choosing colleges that fit their interests and needs.

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Now that a strong foundation has been built, 2nd - 5th graders are ready for new learning adventures as they explore different ideas and cultures around the world.

Check out the exciting things the 2nd/3rd Explorers class and the 4th/5th Adventurers class have been studying.

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