Most high school students are understandably more focused on getting into college than they are on finding a job after college. Yet, having at least a few ideas of potential career paths can be an important part of college planning too. Whether you plan on pursuing a post-secondary degree, a trade, or military service take the time now to explore careers that are of interest.


Create your own Personal Plan for Progress-- consisting of four stages (Exploration, Dreaming, Planning, and Owning) to develop goals that align with your career ambitions. 

In order for you to begin planning and researching for your future career, you will need to learn some things about “you.” Specifically, it is important to explore your interests, aptitudes, temperament, and your values. There are several resources to help guide you through this exploration process.

After doing some self-reflection, it’s time to think about where you see yourself heading after high school. There are a variety of resources, where you and your family can access information about various career fields, including type and level of training/education required to be successful. This is also a great time to create your own vision board. 

There are many options available to a student as a PHS graduate, it is important to choose the path that is the best fit. Many students go on to colleges or universities in pursuit of undergraduate degrees, but there are other options out there. Some of these alternative paths include pursuing a trade, entering the military, traveling or studying abroad, etc. Regardless of whether you choose college or a different path, your school counselor can offer resources. 

Ownership of your Personal Plan for Progress evolves over the course of each school year. You should be able to articulate with detail how you are progressing towards your stated goals. Continual reflection on your progress and articulation of an action plan builds ownership and leadership.

Here are a few resources that will help you with taking action: