School Uniform

School Uniform

School uniforms are worn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. They are a great way to give our children a sense of belonging and they look good. To help you put together the right uniform for your child, please review the following information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office during school hours (699-5787).


PHS Uniform


-A school uniform shirt, blue or tan, with plain bottoms (skirt, shorts, pants, skort) of the opposite color (blue or tan).
-Bottoms must be plain in color, and they may not be denim or have any decoration, embroidery, stripes, colorful zippers or tags, etc.
-School uniform shirts need to be replaced if they become ripped, stained, or bleached.
-Middle and High School Students who are representing the school in island-wide events should wear the school’s competition uniform. The competition uniform for middle and high school boys is a white polo or button up shirt with a i’e faitaga. For the middle and high school girls, the uniform is a white-fitted top with a puletasi skirt.   


Purchasing Uniform Shirts & Material


School Uniforms are available for sale at Manua Store in Malaeimi in a variety of sizes.

Printed T-shirt with school logo – $15.00
Printed polo shirt with school logo – $20.00
Printed i’e material – $3.99 per yard



Finding the Right Uniform Bottoms


Parents can find bottoms for the school uniform at local stores. There is also a store a Pago Plaza that sells blue and tan uniform bottoms. Online uniform sections can be found at many online retailers like J.C. Penney, The Children’s Place, Old Navy, and others. Another option is to have them tailor made by one of our many local sewing shops.