College/Career Preparation

College/Career Preparation

It is our mission to make sure all students are equipped for the future. Towards this goal, each student will work with an advisor to set career goals and to determine the requirements for meeting these goals. Parents will be included in part of this planning process. It is our hope that most of our students will be setting goals that include a college education. For these students, every effort will be made to prepare them for the challenges of college. However, some students may have different goals.


Standardized Testing


Standardized tests are administered for freshman and sophomore students in April to indicate progress through the year. The PSAT is administered in October each year for eleventh grade students. Sophomore and Freshman students are also encouraged to take the PSAT in October. These tests provide students with valuable practice in taking standardized tests.

Although standardized test scores should not be used as the only measure of a student’s academic achievement, they are important for college entrance and are taken seriously by the school.


Grade Point Average


The grade point average (GPA) for each student is determined by averaging the student’s grades based on a 4.0-point system. Students maintaining a 3.5 or higher are considered to be Honor Graduates.

The grading scale for students graduating in 2020 and beyond follows.

A (93-100)=4.0
A- (90-92.99)=3.7
B+ (87-89.99)= 3.3
B (83-86.99)=3.0
B- (80-82.99)=2.7
C+ (77-79.99)=2.3
C (73-76.99)=2.0
C- (70-72.99)=1.7
D+ (67-69.99)=1.3
D (63-66.9)=1.0
D- (60-62.99)=0.7
F (0-59.99)=0

The grading scale for students graduating in 2018 and 2019 follows.

A=4.0 (Superior)
B=3.0 (Above Average)
C=2.0 (Meets Minimum Requirements)
D=1.0 (Passing but Below Average)
F=0 (Failing)