About Us

Goals: Self-Esteem, Respect, Love to Learn



Develop a love and respect for oneself as unique by:
Portfolio Assessment
Individualized learning when helpful
Providing positive reinforcement
Ensuring that physical, mental and emotional development go hand in hand




Develop a respect for others and for the world by:
Integrating students with differing abilities through individual programming
Providing a cooperative learning environment


Love to Learn


Develop a lifelong love of learning by:
Emphasizing the learning process
Encouraging the development of research skills where students learn to find and use information
Using all available technology
Accepting more than one right answer when appropriate
Developing critical and higher level thinking skills
Encouraging creative problem-solving


American Samoa is a Crossroads of Cultures


People come to live and work in American Samoa from many parts of the world. At last count there have been 25 countries represented in the student body and staff of Pacific Horizons School. This diversity enriches the school and helps our students develop a respect and acceptance of people no matter where they come from.